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It's about so much more than physical transformation.

Hi, I’m Dr. Tom. I believe reconstructive and cosmetic surgery gives people the opportunity to be the best versions of themselves. When people are the best versions of themselves, it changes how they see the world, how they treat others, and how they give back.

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Plastic surgery’s immediate effects quickly improve people’s quality of life. As a physician, that’s what I see as its most important benefit. Whether it is reconstructive surgery from cancer or trauma, or cosmetic surgery to help someone feel better about how they look, the positive effect on their mental health and self image is powerful.

I take pride in offering each patient the compassion and expert skill they deserve on their transformative journey. I believe surgery is the first step, and I applaud the introspection and ambition of each individual who takes that step. The sky is not the limit!

A Doctor Who's Down to Earth

I love the human connection that comes with medicine. I love talking to people and being part of the community. I am not above answering the office phone or taking the time to learn about my patients and their lives, especially at a moment when they are going through something. That’s important to me. That’s what this practice is all about: the human connection.

Dr. Tom made me feel very important, and very special. He is a surgeon who truly cares about his patients.

Sue H. Happy Client

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